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My name is Samantha, and I created Night Sky Candles in 2018 because I wanted to share my passion for candles with friends, family, and customers.  I started making candles as a hobby and fell in love with the process and the products, and that is when I knew that I wanted to share my passion with others!  

My philosophy when making candles is to make them environmentally friendly and safe, strong and lasting scents, and made with the highest quality materials.

I use 100% all natural soy wax in my candles and melts because it is an eco-friendly, sustainable resource made in the USA.  It burns longer and has a better scent throw than most of the paraffin wax candles you'll find in stores.

All of my candles and melts are poured by hand, in small batches, in my home in Irwin, PA. As my journey continues, I hope to continue to bring new products and scents for you all to enjoy!  Thank you for your continued support and patronage.  

If you have any questions for me, you can reach me on my Contact Page.

Thank you for visiting Night Sky Candles!

- Samantha